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Rely on Our Corporate and Commercial Legal Services in Parksville

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Are you buying or selling your business? Or need legal guidance regarding commercial leasing? We are here for you. At Davis Avis Randall, we offer corporate and commercial legal services in Parksville. We are experienced solicitors offering responsive and practical legal advice regarding all matters associated with your business involving matters like business acquisition, general contract matters, corporate lending and more. Our lawyers will work with you closely and ensure that your assets, business and interests are protected at all times. We can help you in the following matters:


Registered and records office

Filing annual reports

Minute book maintenance

Acquisition and disposition

Extra-provincial corporate





To know more about our services, please reach out to our experts now.

Access Reliable Legal Aid on Ownership Agreements

If you need assistance with ownership agreements, associate with our team to take up the right legal course of action. Whether you are welcoming a new shareholder or are in need of a co-ownership arrangement, our lawyers have got you covered. We offer expert advice and can also negotiate on your behalf. In addition to this, we can ensure your legal safety by thoroughly going through your purchase and sale agreements, employment agreements, licensing and leasing contracts and more. 

Corporate Legal Services To the Rescue!

We provide commercial and corporate legal services on disputes related to business ownership, licensing, leasing, and acquisition.

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